Life Science Foundation: Aims & Objectives
Life Science Foundation is a not-for-profit public charitable Trust, set up by a group of people sharing a common vision to promote holistic understanding of life and its purposes, as well as improvement of quality of life for all. In this endeavor, Trusteeship enunciated by Mahatma Gandhi will be our guiding principle. To accomplish the vision, the foundation has laid down the following aims and objectives:-

  • To promote strategic thinking and suggest policy interventions on holistic and sustainable development.

  • To undertake studies, research and action-oriented projects pertaining to holistic life.

  • To promote quality of life of vulnerable sections of population.

  • To promote all- round human resource development.

  • To promote holistic health care systems

  • To design self- sustaining livelihood projects.

  • To undertake pilot projects.

  • To undertake other activities in pursuit and fulfillment of the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Foundation.

  • Network with institutions and agencies towards meeting the above objectives.



Our field activities are concentrated in and around Samyagarh village, Gosbery block, Barh sub division of Patna district. We have started only limited activities at present which include:-

  1. Pre- schools for pre- school children in three villages namely Samyagarh, Palashpur & Kurmi Chak. Two more are proposed at Chaksamia and Malpur villages. Besides imparting basic skills and general education, children are also trained in group work, health and hygiene. With more experience gained, we may be able to improve the quality of education further.
  2. Computer Training for girls Selected girls are trained in basic computer skills in batches in the computer class provided at the computer center set up in a rented building, so that they have basic exposure to working with computers and they could pursue advance training elsewhere.
  3. Dress designing and tailoring Two training centers are being run, one at Samyagarh and the other at sadiqpur. Basic training is provided to batches of girls who have completed their schooling so that they are self-employed and are able to earn a regular income. Training was provided to master trainers with the help of a trainer from USHA.
  4. Miscellaneous activities Health camps are periodically organized in Samyagarh and Chaksamya villages. A seminar and agri-exhibition were also organized in partnership with the State Government departments. Selected youth were sent for training in organic farming at Navadhanya set up by Ms Vandana Shiva, well known activist.
  5. Medical Assistance The Foundation provides medical assistance to the needy, especially women and children.
  6. Educational assistance The foundation has been supporting the education of young students and their skill up-gradation in selected cases

about Life stream

Life Stream is an e-magazine published annually by the Life Science Foundation with the objective of creating awareness about the need for living in harmony with nature. Our endeavor is to inspire and motivate our readers to develop a universal vision and to contribute towards protection of nature and natural resources, and promote the well-being of all living beings. We try to evoke wonderment and curiosity of our readers towards nature, natural phenomena, and natural sciences. Although started in 2010 as a quarterly magazine, due to limitation of resources, the issues are now published annually.

In our issues we try to highlight a specific theme, covering its impact on science, economics, art, architecture, travel and space in different sections of the e-magazine. Personalities who have contributed significantly to the growth of ideas in these spheres find a mention. We emphasize ethical living, eco-friendly economics, climate-friendly constructions and mindful eating.

Every issue of the magazine is brought out entirely by the efforts of the Life Stream Team by compiling information available on the internet, electronic and print media, reports, books, speeches and other sources, as also our own inputs based on knowledge and experience, so as to make it available at one place.

Occasional Papers

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