Aims & Objectives

To accomplish the above vision and mission, the Foundation will initially have the following aims and objectives. In course of time, more could be included:

  1. To promote strategic thinking and suggest policy interventions on holistic and sustainable socio-economic development.
  2. To promote holistic health care system, based on simple living, preventive healthcare, and both modern and traditional health systems.
  3. To undertake studies, research and action-oriented projects in life sciences.
    To undertake pilot projects of good governance including e-governance and eventually support the governments in adopting and up scaling successful pilots.
  4. To work towards promoting quality of life of vulnerable sections of population, including women and children.
  5. To undertake all round human resource development.
  6. To design self- sustaining livelihood projects and minimise donor dependency.
  7. To undertake other activities which are conducive to pursuit and fulfilment of the vision, Mission and objectives of the Foundation.
  8. Network with institutions and agencies to achieve the above objectives.

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